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How did you come up with the idea for the sex clean up aftercare towels?

I’ve been married to my High School sweetheart for 12 years, and we kept special monogrammed hand towels on hand for clean up after sex. In December of 2015, friends shared their experience of helping with a move and discovering wads of rags and Kleenex under the master bed. We lamented the lack of quality clean up products on the market. The more we discussed the problem, the more we realized, why not create something ourselves? Ideas began to flow and take shape so that by February 2017, I launched AnnaRae first with the Companion towel and then releasing the Cuddle Bean that Fall.

What makes your towels especially suited for their purpose and why doesn't a normal towel or wipe do the trick?

The dual plush microfiber fabric that we have chosen for the Cumpanion and Cuddle Bean towels is made from a polyester/nylon blend of fibers that are 1/5 the diameter of the average high-quality cotton fiber. This much smaller fiber size produces a fabric that is not only much softer on the skin than any cotton fabric but also has the super-absorbent qualities that microfiber fabrics are renowned for.

Tell us a bit more about the design and the characteristics of the product? How exactly does it look and feel and why did you opt for these properties?

Our microfiber towels are made from a dual plush fabric so soft it bears a resemblance to kitten fur; we even use our towels in sensory play. We went for our signature oval shape partly because we wanted a unique design, and partly because it’s pleasant to handle and more ergonomic. The pocket on the Cumpanion is designed to allow the wetted portion of the towel to be folded up inside neatly. It also can be used as a buffer for lovers who like wand style massagers but need to soften the intensity of the vibes. is the adult industry hub for social networking and business opportunities.