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Many years ago, I heard from my father that my mother felt guilty about me being gay. As a reaction to his remark, I wanted to explain to her that those feelings and emotions are not necessary at all. I wanted to do this by means of a letter, because letter-communication makes the immediate reaction more difficult and it reduces the risk of escalation. Once started writing, the letter grew and grew. Eventually it became a letter consisting of almost 250 pages. Because of the scope of it and after some discussion with my parents, I decided to rewrite the letter as a book.

After the first publication of my book, the motivation to do something (more) with being gay as I did till then increased. I wanted to become an advocate of the local gay community. Besides that I wanted to do something with 'sex' and 'porn', because these were (and are) my big hobbies. In retrospective the psychological self-reflecting letter written to my mother, was the beginning of what now is “Erol Dutch" (the company).

Nevertheless, it took some time before I could realize my aims. Due to some catastrophic events (i.e. I lost three important people: my husband, my business partner and my person of trust / assistant) I had to reprioritize things in life and restructure my existence.

All that though is meanwhile history. Now being back on track, I want to accelerate the realization of the goals and objectives of the “Erol Dutch” business and marketing plan. The formalised and operative basis of “Erol Dutch” is there and the preparation needed to roll out the marketing plan reaches its final stage. The framework to turn “Erol Dutch” into a successful business is there, now it should be done: Preparation is good, monetarization is better.

I am not quite ‘green’ anymore and I am no longer wet behind the ears. Nevertheless, I am realist enough to admit that I don’t know everything, and that I can’t do everything on my own. Therefore, my message to anyone who can be of support: Let’s connect and team up. We might be only a partnership away from mutual success. I am looking forward to meeting you! is the adult industry hub for social networking and business opportunities.