The Dark Dollhouse
Starlet / Working on own production company.
United States of America     Local Time: 10:06 am

Adult & bi-coastal glamour Starlet, Miss Amor Hilton began branching out in both performing and developing adult, fashion, webTV, lots of fetish, and events after years of soaking up knowledge by "performing", and studied even harder upon gaining a casting job with an A-List company, shortly leaving for a job as an art director in SF. Down the road, she took a steady break with gigs in between (as she is) being a lonely trophy housewife working on a site that is new, modernized, fetish, designer, high end glamorous adult content on a budget for our subscribers to stay with us and become the new, modernized, "Playboy"-esque site in this business. is the adult industry hub for social networking and business opportunities.