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I am the founding member of Walters Law Group, with lawyers admitted in various jurisdictions throughout the country including Florida, Michigan, Arizona, New York, New Jersey, Washington DC, and the U.S. Supreme Court. The firm concentrates in First Amendment, Intellectual Property and Internet law.  Our lawyers have been fighting government censorship of erotic material for over 30 years, and have been involved in numerous precedent setting Free Speech cases, including several at the U.S. Supreme Court level.  I have actively represented webmasters in a variety of civil and criminal cases, and defended various high-profile state and federal obscenity prosecutions involving Internet content.  Our firm maintains an active intellectual property practice, assisting webmasters and other business owners with registering their copyrights and trademarks, litigating IP disputes, and handling domain name arbitration claims.  In addition to representing adult webmasters, we also focus on Blockchain issues, Internet Gambling, Social Networking, Live Webcam, Adult Dating, and Skill Gaming operations. We believe that technology must be a part of any legal compliance solution.  Thus we have launched mobile apps to address common legal issues such as the copyright infringement notice generator, the compliance device. 

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