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Angel bitch from HELL
Czech Republic     Local Time: 8:11 pm
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To your job what you offer,  i need to know little more informations. ,please tell me
What kind of scenes you produce? for what production -any link of your webpage?.Bookable at and ready for
Nude/ Erotic Fetish Lingerie Glamour/Fashion Soft Hard B/G G/G ,Solo ,vomit , piss. orgy , bdsm ,

ill travel to your country if you pay all travels and accommodations. Me live in Prague , CZ.

me dont do anal sex, only if you charm me by your rich offer, i did it only twice for lot of money.

Animal ,clinic,scud, scam, brutal bdsm. me dont do ,try charm me to do ,for acces  ask in  thousands but still  no one shooting i made.

many thanks,
Lot of kisses.

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