Woman in Charge
United States of America     Local Time: 4:25 pm

I am a fetishist, model, actress, producer, editor, bookeeper, sfx creator and more.  A one woman enterprise in the beginning stages of its creation and I LOVE what I do!

My websites all cater to niche fetishes such as macrophilia (giantess/shrunken man fetish), looner (balloon fetish), drunk fetish, object destruction, eating fetish, foot/boot/shoe/hosiery fetishes,  same size vore, financial domination, trash fetish, and I have recently delved into masturbation instruction & plushie and am always open to exploring new fetishes!  My main site is a HUB that leads to most of my other sites.

While none of my videos involve traditional sexual acts or full nudity, all are erotic and cater to those whose kinks are not readily available.  I love living out my fans fantasies and just knowing that what I am doing is pushing someone's erotic buttons and bringing them pleasure simply turns me on, as you can tell by watching any of my videos ;)  I get lost in the lust of it all!


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