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I am a webmaster from the late 90's in the adult arena, specializing in spanking. I am also an artist and now work with the amazing Daz3d Software to create my spanking artwork. I am English and live on a Greek island since 2005. I would welcome any joint venture in the adult industry I have a good affiliate program that have a high sales conversion ratio. Don't be shy e-mail me
Two girls playing a nice spanking game at home while a n older guy watches on his laptop via a chat site
I am also working on private commissions for customers, illustrations for comic/magazine & books. Also logo designs for the adult market (and other products). If you would like personal piece of art then let me know your requirements & i would be only to pleased to give you a quote.
Two girls get their asses spanked in the punishment room after a meeting online in the chat room

I am also the owner of:
This is a spanking and BDSM social media site not unlike Facebook/Twitter it's FREE to join. You can make fan pages, status updates, create groups, DM/PM chat and message, upload pictures, videos (just like Facebook). FREE Spanking & bdsm Social media site  banner

Also I put together a FREE spanking and BDSM chatroom/ social media site.
his site is also a social media spanking based site that is FREE to join. This is another community style site for uploading stories, pictures and general spanking related status. The main part of the site is totally FREE Chat Room . You may interact with other via the main rooms , create your own chatroom or private chat and message other members.

Be lucky, successful and stay safe 
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